VIDEO: I Never Thought To Cut A Watermelon Like This. This Is So Smart

No one really spends time thinking about how to slice the watermelon, so we simply do it as we were taught to.

We slice it, grab a slice, and another one, and that is pretty much all.

However, apparently, there is a technique which can make it much easier. First of all, think about all the fruit which remains on the rind while slicing the watermelon and the mess it all creates in the kitchen.

Yet, the following video will show you another way to cut the watermelon, and you will thus manage to avoid the mess and get much more fruit of it.

Initially, cut the watermelon in half, and make a tiny incision through the rind and around the center. This will snap the fruit in half, so just flip it to be on the end, and remove the peel.

The white rind can be removed afterward; you should cut off the top and take it off.

Then, cut it into small slices, turn the cutting board 90-degrees, and once more cut it into slices, but this time, in the opposite direction. Now, just place a bigger bowl over it, flip the cutting board and the slices of the delicious watermelon will be all placed in it.

Can it be easier? Just try it out a few times, and you will never cut the watermelon in the old way again!