Vegetarian Diet

Whether it comes to cultural, ethical or health reasons, vegetarian diet has been long practiced. With the right choice of food, vegetarian diet can be high in fiber and rich in nutrients. There are different degrees of vegetarian diet.  Some of them are stringent and include only plant food products (fruit, vegetable and nuts).

Lacto-vegetarian diet includes dairy products. Ovo-vegetarians and ovo-lacto-vegetarians include eggs in their diet. Semi-vegetarians may Eat Fish and poultry, but they should avoid red meat. Vegetarian diet may offer some health benefits which can not be obtained by practising other diets, but you should make a choice of healthy meals and snacks in your vegan diet and that is “key” to a successful vegetarian lifestyle.

Animal protein deficiency

Because a great source of protein comes from animal products, some vegetarians are worried about whether it will meet their protein needs. Proteins from plant sources are not often considered to be complete if they do not contain all essential amino acids in a certain amount. Eating varied fruits and vegetables, or a combination of fruit and a vegetable, can help include all amino acids in your diet. Cereals, legumes, soy products, Nuts and seeds contain healthy vegetable proteins.

Avoiding the lack of vitamins and minerals

Receiving adequate vitamins and minerals easily found in animal products is still a concern considering vegetarianism. Vitamin B12, iron and Zinc can be consumed through certain specified plant products, including some cereals and soy products. Vegetarians should also get alternative sources of calcium and vitamin D, which can be found in orange Juice and green vegetables.


Not quite all vegetarian diets are low in fat and calories. For example, french fries, chips and sweets are not the healthiest choice. But by choosing the right food products, healthy cooking and food preparation, vegetarian diet can significantly lower the level of saturated fat and cholesterol, than other diets which include animal products.

Find the right balance

Eating a wide variety of plant and vegetables will satisfy the needs for carbohydrates, protein and fat in vegetarians. When you make wise food choices, vegetarian diet can be one of the healthiest diet plans.