Use These Two Things to Make Your Bathroom Fragrant for Days

Undoubtedly, it needs to invest some time, efforts and money in order to maintain your bathroom clean and fresh-smelling all the time. However, there is an extremely useful tip which can help you always have fresh air in this small, but very important room in your house.

We will reveal a way to make a natural air-freshener for your toilet and bathroom, which would be equally efficient as store-bought ones, but it will be cheap, easy to make and chemical-free. Moreover, unlike industrial products, its fragrance will be long-lasting!

Toilet Air-Freshener

The preparation of this natural air- freshener is really quick and easy to make. In order to ensure long-lasting freshness in your bathroom, you will need:

  • some essential oil of your choice
  • a roll of toilet paper.


It couldn’t be simpler: all you need to do is to drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the inner side of the roll, to which the paper is wound. Your air- freshener is ready!

This is more or less a combination of 2 in 1. In this way, you will have a refreshing and natural fragrance in the bathroom, as well as a scented toilet paper!

You can experiment with different oils. As you normally have more toilet paper rolls in the bathroom, you can put a few drops of different essential oils on each.

You will be amazed by the result- your bathroom will smell excellent, and you will ensure an enduring fragrance in your bathroom or until you have used up the paper roll.