Use This Simple Trick To Keep Ticks Off All Summer Long!

Do you enjoy the time spent in nature, hiking, or having a picnic, or simply reading in your garden?

We all do, but it is definitely not fun to find a tick burrowed in your skin.

People who spend a lot of time outdoors should know how to keep ticks away, as they are pesky and harmful, and might even carry deadly diseases.

The following trick is a real treasure:

Get some of your favorite essential oil and a lint roller with adhesive layers. Roll the lint on the clothes from time to time when outdoors, and you might be surprised after some time!

The essential oil reduces the risk of ticks hopping onto you while you are outside, as it deters them, as well as black flies and mosquitos. This is a much healthier alternative than the commercial repellents which are loaded with chemicals.

These are the 5 best essential oils you can use

Eucalyptus – You can use it alone or mix it with citronella oil to create an all-purpose bug deterrent. The Journal of Medical Entomology published a study which showed that eucalyptus extract reduces tick bites and soothes infections.

Lemon – the lemon essential oil is high in limonene, a compound which repels fleas and other bugs. Just dilute it and spray onto your skin and clothes.

Lavender – Bugs hate the sweet smell of lavender so it can help you deter flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Lemongrass – It is made from the tropical lemongrass plant Cymbopogon citrates, and its citrus scent repels fleas and ticks. You can spray it directly on the skin.

Pennyroyal – This member of the mint family is toxic to insects and is a potent natural insect repellent!

The following video will explain how to use tea tree, lemongrass, and citronella essential oils as natural bug sprays:

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