Use These Natural Foods To Stop Acid Reflux And Prevent Heartburn

Almost everyone has felt that unpleasant feeling acid reflux brings, that uncomfortable and burning feeling right behind the chest bone. We present you several natural tricks you can do in your home to help you get rid of the burning sensation more easily.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is on the top of the list of home remedies for acid reflux. Mix some water and some baking soda, and drink it right away. This simple recipe neutralizes stomach acids immediately.



Turmeric is not only known as an antiseptic, but it also stimulates food digestion, and reduces the secretion of acids in the stomach.

Cold Milk

Cold milk provides a strong effect in the treatment of acid reflux. Therefore, drink a glass of cold milk anytime you feel that burning sensation in your stomach.

Cinnamon Tea

It has powerful effect in reducing stomach acids. Use cinnamon tea regularly and your problem may soon become history.


A simple and easy trick to stop acid reflux. Eat a banana anytime you have this problem, because it gives a calming effect.