Turn Your Garden Into An Outdoor Aquarium With Succulent Jelly Fish Hanging Planters

If you are a flower lover, and you enjoy your time spent in the garden, you are probably excited by the upcoming spring season and all the beauties you are going to plant this year!

Well, it is about time to plan things now, so you can show off to the rest of the world when spring arrives!

If you live in an area with a southern climate, you can admire your garden and the succulents in it all year long. Yet, for those up north, the following creative jellyfish hanging baskets will be a perfect decoration for their home for a few months.

Do not worry if you haven’t heard of jellyfish succulents before, as they are a relatively new trend in gardening, but there are already countless ideas on Instagram and Pinterest.

They are a charming way to enhance your natural surroundings. Succulents don’t require much attention, and all they need is a coarse, well-drained soil mixture, occasional watering, and strong light or full sun for part of the day.

You need a hanging basket, soil, and two types of succulents, one for the top of the ‘jellyfish,’ and one for the ‘tentacles.’ The succulent part should be made into a dome shape, and the hanging vines just blow in the wind.

These jellyfish hanging planters are delicate and magnificent and resemble avant-garde lamps that light up the ocean.

This is a chance to bring their beauty to your home.

Here is a colorful, creatively-shaped jellyfish hanging basket made of succulents.

The jellyfish planters become even better when the wind blows, as the jellyfish look like they are swimming in the wind!

Yet, the process of their creation is a bit demanding, but they are definitely worth it.

Moreover, there are a few options to have the jellyfish planters hung inside your home.

There are adorable crochet air plant planters on Etsy for $20, or you can find free tutorials to learn how to crochet them yourself.

Also, you can buy a ceramic version that fits other plants as well, including succulents. A seller on Etsy, MelodyBeachDesigns, sells them for $26 each.

Are you looking forward to the new look of your home this spring 2020?