Treat Flu And Cold Within 5 Minutes

Colds and flu can be really irritating, because there is no single person that is not bothered with a runny nose or the feeling of heaviness in the head. Try this alternative method and relieve the symptoms of flu and cold.

All you have to do is massage certain points on your face.


Point 1: Locate the area right between your eyebrows. Press and hold your finger on for about a minute.

Point 2: Touch your temples, or the points just 2 cm of the end of your eyebrows. Press both sides at the same time.

Point 3: Locate the points that are symmetrically located near the inner corner of your eyes. Massage both points at the same time.

Point 4: Both points are symmetrically located half a centimeter of your nostrils.

Using your fingertip, press every point for 1 minute. The pressure should be hard enough so you can feel some improvement, but be careful, you do not want to feel any pain. You can massage these points either clockwise or counterclockwise, it does not mater, as long as you apply the proper pressure. The purpose of this method is to bring a rush of blood to the points on your face.