Toxic Chemicals Found In 30 Popular “Mac & Cheese” Products (even organic!)

Unfortunately, a recent investigation found high concentrations of phthalates, chemicals which have been banned from children’s teething rings and rubber duck toys more than ten years ago, in one of their favorite meals, macaroni and cheese mixes made with powdered cheese.

These chemicals disrupt the hormonal balance and have been related to behavioral and learning issues, as well as birth defects.

These dangerous chemicals are believed to have entered these boxes in two ways, via the packaging and the equipment used in their manufacturing, and also, the FDA has not banned them from food.

This study analyzed 30 cheese products and found phthalates in more than 97% of them, and the boxed mac and cheese with powdered cheese contained the highest concentrations.

The foods included in the testing included block and string cheeses, plastic-wrapped cheese slices, and cheese powder from boxed macaroni and cheese. The samples were bought from stores in the United States and shipped to a European laboratory for analysis.

The team of researchers discovered that 29 of the 30 cheese products contained chemicals known as phthalates, and heir levels were four times higher in cheese powder and three times higher in processed cheese slices.  Phthalates are industrial chemicals used to soften plastics and make them more flexible. They’re also used in sealants, rubber, adhesives, inks, and protective wrappings.

The FDA was asked to ban phthalates from all foods and packagings, as well as the manufacturing equipment, by 11 environmental and food safety groups.

However,  Tom Neltner, chemicals policy director for the Environmental Defense Fund, which organized this petition, said that it has been delayed temporarily for “technical” reasons.

Therefore, once again, the profits of companies become a priority of our governmental agencies. The following report from CBS News reveals more about this serious concern: