Top 10 Main Causes Of Cancer

Fluoridated Water

No, it is not the mineral found in nature, nor purified water that passes through the pipes. Fluorine actually depletes water and flushes the minerals out from the body, in other words it weakens the immune system. Therefore, drink spring water whenever you can.



Look for a honest doctor who will give you diet tips, as a prevention for breast cancer. Get rid of the pharmaceutical companies with prominent names whose sole purpose is the great profit and the large number of patients goes in their favor.

Artificial Food Colors And Preservatives

Almost every food color is produced in a laboratory. Strong preservatives literally suffocate cells and transform them into cancer cells, so the best choice is using organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible -- it is healthier and your meals look more beautiful.

Soaps, Shampoos, Creams

As we already said, everything we apply on our skin, hair or teeth, immediately ends in the bloodstream. Perfumes, hair dye, animal by-products and all other questionable ingredients cause cancer.