Top 10 Exercises to Strengthen Your Back and Reduce Back Pain

Swimming Pose

Lie on your stomach. Extend your arms in front of you and slide on your stomach. Extend your arms and legs and slightly lift them off the floor while looking down. Now lift your left arm and right leg and pause for a few seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg and arm.



Special  exercises of yoga are intended to reduce or prevent pain in the low back. Yoga has relaxing and beneficial effects on the health of the entire organism.

Raising The Knee

Lie on the floor. Gently pull your left knee towards the chest and hold this position for a few seconds. Then extend your legs and repeat the same with the right knee. Repeat this several times. Then, place both knees towards the chest and stay in this position as much as possible. After doing this exercise, you will feel relaxation and relief in the lower part of the back. Repeat this exercise each day in order to prevent further pain.

Cobra Pose

If the pain is already present, this activity should be performed slowly. Lie on your stomach and rely on your hands. Now, slowly bend your back backwards. Hold this position for a few seconds.


Pose “Triangle”

If you are a beginner, it might be problem for you to manage to endure  this exercise until  the end, but try as much as you can – it is important to stretch. Stand up, spread your legs and lean on the left. Place the left hand on the left knee, hold the back straight.

Stretch your right arm up high and stare at it. Hold this position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for the right side of the body. Repeat the exercise for the both sides until you feel relief in the lower part of the back.



Swimming is an ideal sport for people suffering from  back pain, it relaxes and strengthens the  muscles. Before going to the pool, learn more about the proper techniques of swimming. A good idea is  to be monitored by a swimming instructor, who will improve your technique and will give you proper advices.

Swimming will be easier if you use swimming masks or goggles In order to maintain proper body position you can use floating objects such as life jackets. You can perform a number of other exercises to relax your back and to strengthen your muscles.

Take good care of your back and don’t wait for the pain to kick in before you start doing these exercises. Rehearse every day – this will prevent back pain and you will feel great after.