Top 10 Coolest Tricks You Can Use In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the part of the house where one prepares the meals and delights the family. But, if you use your imagination, the kitchen can also be a place where one can express creativity. Check out these tips and spend some quality time in your kitchen.

1. Transparent Ice Cubes
Here is a fun way to make fancy ice cubes. Regular ice cubes are cloudy, because they are made from room temperature water. Use boiling water and enjoy your see-through ice cubes.


2. Hull Strawberries Easily

Take a straw and push it through the strawberry. You will see the leaves coming out easily.

3. Enjoy Pancakes Whenever You Can

We all love pancakes. But, the hard part comes when you have to go through all the preparation. You can make delicious pancakes in just a minute if you prepare the batter in advance. You can keep it in an empty ketchup bottle and use it whenever you want.

4. Zucchini Noodles

Pasta is delicious, but eating the same thing over and over again is quite boring. Be unique and use zucchini to make your noodles. Many prefer calling these noodles. We bet you have a spiral slicer on hand. By using it,  you will not be cooking pasta every night, and it is actually quite healthy.


5. Use Frozen Yogurt to Make Ice Cream For Your Kids

It is easy as it seems. Take a pack of yoghurt, stab a popsicle stick through the top, then freeze. A few hours later you can enjoy delicious ice cream.


6. Easy Way to Remove Corn Kernels From The Cob

Removing corn kernels can be really tedious. Check this fun and clever way to remove the kernels without making a mess in the kitchen. Take a bundt pan and place the cob in the center. Cut down the whole cob, and the kernels will fall into the pan.


7. Are Your Eggs Fresh?

Is there anything worse than spoiling your delicious cake with a bad egg? Don’t worry, there is a simple way to check if your eggs are fresh. Put each egg in a glass of water. If it is fresh, it will sink. If one end of the egg pops to the surface, the egg is good, but not fresh. If the egg floats, it is bad and you should not use it.


8. Easy Taco Shells in No Time

Mexican food is super-delicious, but you don’t always have crispy Taco shells on hand. Don’t worry, we have a simple solution for you. Take some soft shells and roast them upside down on the oven rack.


9. Use The Maximum of Your Lemons And Limes

Use your palm to role your citrus fruits on the counter. Apply some mild pressure. In this way you can squeeze as much as possible.


10. Cut The Most Perfect Piece of Your Cake

We all crave that perfect slice of cake. Use this technique to get an ultra-precise edge. Put your knife aside, and use dental floss instead. The same technique will work on any other soft food.