To Replace Plastic Straws Starbucks Introduces “Sippy Cups” For Adults

We are drowning in a sea of plastic straws. Single-use plastic items end up in our oceans and soil. Corporations are trying to make a change, and plastic straws are banned from use by several food chains.

A Philippines café uses biodegradable straws instead of plastic. People became aware of the detrimental effect of plastic. It took a heavy toll on life, and it’s good that we became aware of this before it’s too late.

Let’s focus on the part where food chains stop using plastic straws. The change didn’t sit well with some customers, so the food chains decided to serve customers in the best way possible.

Starbucks is one of coffee chains that stopped using plastic straws. They have come up with an excellent idea. Their cold-cup lid makes their cups look like sippy cups. For adults, of course.

This was one of the top priorities Starbucks had in the past decade. The coffee chain plans to establish the idea on a global level by 2020. Many stores in Canada and the US have eliminated the use of plastic straws.

If you are worried about the new replacement, you don’t have any reason to feel that way. The difference between plastic straws and these lids is in their use.

Plastic straws are single-use items, and the new lids are made of polypropylene. In other words, the lids are reusable and sustainable.

The lids are a much better option than plastic straws, and we believe that Starbucks will come up with an even greater idea in order to reduce the mountain of plastic.

Emily Alexander, an engineer in global research and development at Starbucks, designed the lid and paired it with the coffee chain’s nitro cold brew. The bubbles and the cold foam can be sipped, and you don’t need a straw to enjoy your drink.

Starbucks explains that the strawless lids will be used for tea, espresso drinks and iced coffee. You can drink your Frappuccino beverages using a compostable plastic straw or paper straw. Many stores offer alternative materials for plastic straws.

If you don’t like using any of these, feel free to bring your eco-friendly reusable straw.