Tiny Curly-Haired Baby Gorilla Shares Incredible Moment With Photographer

Kirsty Taylor, a Wildlife photographer, had an incredible experience. She had a touching moment with a gorilla mother and her cute curly-haired baby.

Kirsty has been fascinated by gorillas ever since she was a kid, when she got an encyclopedia for her 8th birthday. All she dreamed about her whole life is to see them in the wilderness.

Being a photographer was a great step into fulfilling this dream of hers. She visited Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, the home of the smallest population of Mountain Gorillas in the world.

After being discovered in 1902, this subspecies has suffered from a lot of disease, hunting, destruction of habitat and war. It was actually thought they would extinct by the end of the 20th century.

So, Kirsty had an encounter with a gorilla mom and her three-week-old baby as she was travelling with her group. The baby gorilla showed its head to see what was happening, and got mesmerized by seeing humans.

Then, the British photographer took the amazing opportunity to capture this heart-warming moment, as the baby was looking right into her.

She says:“ We only had a few minutes with the little family as we were on our way back down the mountain after our hour’s viewing was up, and were lucky to see them! I love the eye contact and the expression on the little baby’s face, looking at us like he’s not seen many humans before – and of course the cute curly hair!“

Usually, gorilla mother holds her baby until it becomes two-months-old, and then the baby clings onto her back. It is nursed until it turns two.

You can see Kirsty’s photos on this link: www.kirstytaylorphotography.com