TikToker Avani Reyes Claims She ‘Accidentally’ Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair.

A famous TikToker ended in the hospital after applying a Gorilla Glue bandwagon on her hair. The girl stated that she didn’t want to use it. It was an accident, so she applied the heavy–duty adhesive to her hair.

Avani Reyes is the girl to whom this happened. She shared her story on her TikTok account via several clips.

I need to go to the hospital so they can remove this Gorilla Glue. I have no idea what to do. I tried washing it, and it doesn’t come off,”-- stated Avani, and also added that her scalp is burning.

Besides the fact that the girl claims she did it unintentionally, one video went viral called “Gorilla Glue Girl” by Tessica Brown.

Precisely this video motivated the people to think that Reyes accepted the challenge and wanted to reach her five minutes of fame.
Some of her followers wrote: “I followed you just you seemed like a great person. But you willingly did that after it happened to that lady. & you have the audacity to ask people,”

“Are you just mocking the other person that did this, or did this really happen? Either way, it’s wrong. You went to the hospital and wasted there (sic) time,” second used commented.

Also, there was another comment, the rudest one, saying, “I hope it never comes out.”

The girl has more than 459,000 followers on her TikTok account, where she stated that regarding this situation, she went to the hospital, and they didn’t do anything.

“I just got out of the hospital, and they did nothing for me. Look at my hair,”

Through clips, she explained that the doctors told her to use olive oil, tea tree oil, and coconut oil to eliminate the gunk.

After unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Michael Obeng, a plastic surgeon, helped Tessika Brown eliminate the glue from her red hair. The surgery costs $12,500, but the doctor did it for free.

“I used coconut oil for like a half an hour, and then I just washed my hair, and there is still Gorilla Glue in my head. Guess I gotta go bald,”

Besides, the girl claimed that a benefactor donated $3,000 to get the hair back.

“You guys know it’s definitely been a journey with this Gorilla Glue. It’s been crazy, so thank you so much,”

Brown collected almost $24,000 to pay for the surgery, but most of the money she donated to charity.