Tighten Up Your Body By Doing 2 Minutes Set of Exercises

Holly Rilinger, a fitness expert, explains that you do need much time to get your body back in shape. By doing simple exercises for 2 minutes a day you can obtain some good results.

Punch To The Left, Punch To The Right
Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder width. Turn the toes 45 degrees outwards and bend your knees, providing that your hips are parallel to the floor.


Keep your fists on the height of your chin and close to your body. Weigh on the heels to activate the muscles on the backside. Keep the position and punch with the right hand over your body to the left side, and move both your torso and head at the same time. Repeat the same in the opposite side. Punch in each direction for 30 seconds without any breaks, and move as fast as you can.

Fast Strokes

Lie down on your stomach and lift the body, putting your hands below the shoulders. Keep the hands fully straight and balance with your toes. Jump to the front with the right leg, and instantly lower it beside your right hand. Make a pause for a second, then jump and put your right feet back. Make a small break and repeat the same with the left leg. Jump for 30 seconds, as fast as you can.


Straight Hops

Lie down on your stomach and push yourself up using your elbows and toes. Use the upper part of your body for strength jumping with both legs a few centimeters to the left then right away to the right. Jump for 30 seconds and move as fast as you can. Keep your backside lower while you jump.


Winner Jumps

Stand up and keep your feet in a position that is a little wider than your shoulder width, and the toes towards the front. Bend the knees until your hips are parallel to the floor. Straighten your arms behind you, in a position of 45 degrees.

Weigh on the heels and jump to the front as further as you can. At the same time, pull out the arms to the front, then lift them right above the head in a V shape. Come back to the original position and jump again. Jump for 30 seconds as fast as you can.


Source: www.fashionmg-style.com