Three Old Grain Silos Converted Into A Unique Farmhouse

If you want to spend some time away from all the chaos and stress in the city, and crave for silence, greenery, and delicious food, Oregon is the place you should visit next!

Guests who have visited Abbey Road Farm rave about the uniqueness of the place and the tasty food. The peaceful, yet, fascinating place, tucked away in the wine country, will surely charm you!

This farm, bed & breakfast and event venue is a place that offers you to sip their amazing wines, celebrate, and stay in their five luxury suites!

But let’s start from the very beginning.

After three decades of working as insurance brokers in Las Vegas, John and Judi Stewart decided to start doing something more relaxing. In 2003, they bought 82 acres of farmland in Yamhill County, Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Their farmland then had a ranch house and three storage silos on it. After considering several ideas, they decided to open the Abbey Road Farm.

They restored the farm storage complex into a Victorian-Style bed-and-breakfast, with several guest bedrooms and an event center.

Since John had spent his childhood in Europe, after visiting the charming countryside in Oregon, the couple knew that the place was the paradise they needed to live out their golden years in.

They renovated and refurbished the charming ranch house, and in the center of the farmland, just behind the ranch house, they had three big, round grain-storage silos.

Yet, when they wanted to convert the silos into living spaces, the County planning committee frowned upon it. John was determined to make his idea come true, so he worked with the planning committee for a long time, and eventually succeeded to launch their B&B.

They have made several renovations, including the conversion of the central silo into a living room downstairs and a guest bedroom upstairs, and the two other silos into guest bedrooms on both floors.

Moreover, the lower floor and outer space of the ranch house were made into a luxurious events center, and the upstairs was turned into more guest rooms.

They kept the outer metallic look of the silos, but inside, they are nicely furnished with all the items of modern convenience. The walls were re-paneled, the floors redone with sparkly marble, and all the rooms were revamped with state-of-the-art furniture.

They also converted the water treatment building into a shed for their farmyard materials and equipment.

Soon, the bed-and-breakfast on Abbey Road Farm became a landmark in Yamhill County. Numerous visitors started coming to enjoy the greenery and fresh air, walking around the vast farm grounds. Guests find the modern Victorian-Style furnished rooms extremely comfortable.

For those who are fond of simple living, the B&B looks like a bunch of regular ol’ farm structures on the outside.

Organizers of events are happy to find that a fully equipped commercial kitchen is available for their chefs and servers.

The Stewarts also cultivated fescue grass seed on 60 acres of the farmland, alongside the cherry farm. They also had a pen with a small herd of goats, so they produce their own goat milk, cheese, meat, and other products.

In 2017, another couple, the Wilkens bought the property from the Stewarts. Apart from the Silo Suites, the Wilkens have since planted a vineyard and built a winery and event space.

The most common events have about 250 to 300 people in attendance, but the farm can now accommodate events up to 1,000.

According to the website:

“From the moment they stepped onto Abbey Road Farm, they felt an immediate connection to the land. They envisioned a destination that celebrates the bounty of Yamhill County and their passion for food, wine, hospitality, and agriculture. To fulfill their vision, they have converted the farmable acreage into a vineyard and have plans to add a produce farm.

They have focused on lesser-known grapes, in addition to pinot noir. The produce farm will supply their own farm-to-table restaurant, as well as other establishments and farmer’s markets. “

Their goal is to honor the vision of the Stewarts and take it to the next level, by making the place attractive for anyone out there who “can come and enjoy the best of Oregon’s food, wine, and hospitality”.

Do you need to learn more before you pack your things and head for Yamhill County? We don’t think so!