This Woodworker Uses His Background In Shipbuilding To Create Stunning Wooden Bathtubs

There is magic in creating and experiencing art. Provide an artist with space, time, and tools, and watch his creativity flourish. Human imagination and creativity know no boundaries.

The unique creations by a former boat builder, Nathie Katzoff, show that art can be created from anything!

Apart from the award-winning staircases, people adore the unique bathtubs by his NK Woodworking & Design studio. The architect of these pieces of artwork has some impressive things in his repertoire, including a background in boat building.

Katzoff has perfected a technique that allows the creation of fascinating bathtubs out of wood, that keep water inside warmer than regular porcelain or metal tubs.

The tubs are made of sustainable domestic and exotic hardwood and finished with a durable marine varnish.

Each of these luxurious tubs takes hundreds of hours to craft, and the Seattle woodworker said that they  “aim to be the Steinway or Maserati of bathtubs.”

He added:

 “My favorite to use, visually, as a composition, is walnut and a mahogany called Sapele. With every bath being different, it varies on complexity. However, it often takes us three or four months to make a bath. The most extreme custom bath (no public photos available) we made took almost a year to create. “

According to their website:

“Nk’s modern approach to luxury wood baths is unique and maintenance-free! These art pieces are completely stabilized, waterproof and smooth to the touch. They are not affected by extreme humidity, dryness, or common liquid cleaning products and are designed for daily use. You can buy them directly from us and select galleries and showrooms across the US.”

The tubs offer “ the luxury of fine art furniture as the centerpiece of your bathroom and a luxurious soak.” They range in terms of shapes and sizes, some look like little vessels, and others resemble large bowls.

The studio can ship them anywhere in the world, and even though the exact price range is not revealed, prices start at $30,000.

Katzoff explains:

“These are art-level pieces priced similarly to nice cars and handmade high-end art furniture.”

He explained that when he was five, he started playing with Lego and painting artistic landscapes, and this stimulated his interest in woodworking.

He added:

“At sixteen, I got my first carpentry job building a composite timber frame home in New England, and at eighteen, went to a boat building school in Maine to continue my path in the expertise of craft. After working as a wooden boat builder for many years, in 2011, I decided to start my own business based around my love of fine wood furniture and fine woodwork.

My goal was to merge my interests of art and nature along with my honed appreciation for the fine craft of woodworking. Over the last nine years, we ended up winning many awards and getting recognized worldwide for our sculptural curved stairways along with our sculptural baths.”

He explained that his creations are inspired by nature:

 “The unique geometry and forms that are created are present everywhere if we only pay attention. As a designer and artist who works with wood and glass, my goal in my work is to emulate or celebrate the natural materials and natural forms found in the world and bring them to the built environments.”

Katzoff revealed that he has numerous plans for the future:

 “Although wood is my favorite medium, I have started doing some very exciting projects with bronze and glass and look forward to sharing more of these with the world in the coming years.”