This Woman Puts A Tea Bag In A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes…You Must See What Happens

You come home quite exhausted and there it is – a sink full of dishes. It could be your spouse of roommate that left that mess behind, and you just cannot do anything before cleaning that mess.

You probably hope that someone will be willing to do the job for you, but no, washing dishes is not something people like to do.


We are here to make things easier for you, and we suggest that you try this trick. Next time you see the sink full of dirty dishes, just drop some tea bags in the water and leave them in for a while.

Tea breaks up grease and food stains, so you will not have to scrub that much.

You never thought that tea could be used for anything other than improving your health or warming you up, but it can be also used around the house when it comes to performing different tasks.

You can also use many other  foods and products to make things easier around the house. Tea degreases dirty dishes, it is an amazing deodorizer and freshens up your home.

Remember, it is used tea bags we are talking about, so you can brew the bags and then use them for whatever you need. Tea leaves aid in the treatment of minor skin irritations. So, make sure you never throw your tea bags again.

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