This Will Clean and Whiten Your Facial Skin of Blemishes and Freckles

Homemade parsley lotion provides a better and clearer complexion. It will help you get rid of pigment spots, freckles and restore natural skin glow. The power of parsley is not a modern discovery, and historical records show that ancient Greek and Romans were well aware of its benefits.

Parsley is packed with vitamins and minerals, and parsley juice is rich in essential oils, potassium and manganese. In folk medicine it is used in the treatment of fever, kidney and urinary tract disease, diabetes, eye infections, and impotence.


As a skin care agent, parsley provides great bleaching and regenerative properties. It reduces redness, irritation and swelling, bleaches skin, and gives a fresh and toned skin complexion.

Parsley reduces wrinkles, and it is an excellent product for sensitive skin, including the area around the eyes. It eliminates acne and blackheads. Make yourself an amazing parsley lotion and use it daily to improve your skin.

Homemade parsley lotion for oily and combination skin

  • Pour 6.7 oz / 200 ml of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley leaves. You can also use dried parsley. Cook over low heat for 15 minutes.
  • Take the mixture of the heat and let it cool. Strain, and stir in a tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Always use organic products.
  • Apply the lotion twice a day, every morning and every evening.

Parsley lotion tightens pores and cleans the skin. Parsley has unique properties, eliminates freckles and pigment spots. It also restores bright and clear skin complexion.

Keep the lotion in the fridge for 5-6 days. You can use the lotion to make ice cubes which provide a great face treatment. Use it regularly, for a month, and watch your freckles and blemishes disappear.


You can use the same lotion to get rid of the dark circles and redness around your eyes, but leave out the lemon juice. Soak cotton pads in the lotion and apply them on your eyes every morning and evening. Leave them on for 5 minutes.

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