This Volkswagen Bus Cooler is the Coolest Cooler We Have Ever Seen

Whenever you go on a short road trip, on a picnic, whenever you plan to spend the day at the beach, or go camping, the first thing on the list is a cooler! These machines are simply essential for your meat and milk, beers, and sodas!

Well, apart from practical and useful, coolers have gone to the next level now- and The Rolling Volkswagen Bus Cooler is stylish and modern too!

This vintage-looking cooler from Board Masters is an exact replica of the real vehicle and the manufacturer gave it a red color.

The 30-liter cooler has four wheels, rubber tires, a hinged roof, and a retractable handle that can turn left or right to steer. It is entirely insulated, manufactured using nearly the same technique as the real bus – with pressed anti-rust steel, and has a heavy-duty lid lock.

It is easy to clean, and has an internal drainage plus!

With the adorable bus by your side, you’ll never be thirsty anymore, as it has enough capacity to hold about 40 cans! Isn’t it the coolest cooler ever? It is just perfect for all your future adventures!

Also, it is very durable, can be taken off-road without being damaged, and you don’t have to carry it!

Seeing a Volkswagen bus driving down the freeway is always a pleasure, and if you have dreamed of having one your entire life, seize this opportunity!

If you are interested in this unique cooler and want to enjoy your outdoor gatherings even more, you can get one on Amazon. It will also be shipped to your address for free.

The eye-catching accessory might be on the pricier side, but it’s undoubtedly a worthy investment, and customers confirm it!