This Video of a Swimming Tarantula in Texas Is Here to Ruin Your Summer

Can spiders swim? According to this viral video, yes, they can.

This video shows a giant hairy tarantula “swimming” across the water, and it gave us chills. We can’t really imagine seeing a giant spider crawling across waters, but it turns out that these giant things are able to do anything. Enjoying a good swim, huh?

Experts explain that the diving bell spider (Argyroneta aquatica) lives mostly “underwater.” Luckily, there aren’t many species similar to this one. When the spiders are on land, they turn light brown. This spider is able to channel air into the web around its body and forms an air bubble that serves as an oxygen tank. Incredible, right?

This video was made by researchers at the Big Bend Ranch State Park-Texas Parks in Wildlife, in Texas, USA, right before Halloween last year. The spider was swimming nicely, and it seems like it was even enjoying the water.

How do these big spiders swim? Thanks to their exoskeleton, spiders are able to alternate the movement of their legs and use them to paddle in the water. Well, it turns out that tarantulas don’t like to swim much, but they really have to do it sometimes.

Believe it or not, spiders are more cowardly than they appear. If you don’t touch them, they won’t even touch you and may even hide from you. However, if you see one floating on the water, call a lifeguard.

Are swimming spiders dangerous?

Spiders may bite you if you get too close to them. Spider bites are venomous as a worker bee’s, and they are considered relatively harmless to people. Tarantula bites may cause serious problem in rare occasions. Most spiders do not impose deadly threat.

You won’t really see these floating spiders every day. This is a rare case which is why this video became viral.

Jason Dunlop of the University of Manchester explains that most tarantulas don’t even get any near water, but they will sure swim if the situation requires them to do so.

That’s some good news, right? Nobody likes seeing a swimming spider, and let’s just say that the sight isn’t really pleasant. Pay more attention to the water, and beware of any swimming spiders! If a spider bites you, make sure you consult a doctor and get professional care.

Video source: 10News WTSP