This Under-the-Desk Hammock Is Here for All of Your Office Napping Needs

Midday naps are apparently much more beneficial than we thought, which made numerous companies allow their employees to enjoy a short siesta during their working hours.

And if you immediately thought it is a great idea, but you don’t have the needed conditions to try it, you are wrong!

The genius invention called the Under Desk Hammock will help you get some shut-eye whenever you need during the day. This hammock is manufactured by Uplift Desk and is designed to be attached to the brand’s standing desk, providing a sling for comfy hanging.

What’s more, you may also use the Connect mobile app to change the height of the hammock, so it would be easier for you to get in or out in a moment’s notice.

The comfy gadget comes in two colors, blue and gray, and you can purchase it from Uplift by itself for $55.Its storage bag hangs off the side of the hammock when opened, so you will have an extra place to keep your keys, phone, and everything else you need next to you.

As the company writes on its website, the hammock will provide a quiet little cocoon in the shade of your desktop, but you can also use it to rest and answer your emails from the comfort of your hanging hideaway.

You won’t need any additional holes, as the hammock is clipped onto the brand’s sturdy UPLIFT V2 Frame using the carabiners included in the set. Just install two anchor plates on the frame using the provided mounting points and enjoy your nap!