This Type of Cancer Spread Really Fast, But Many Think That is Only Stomach Acid

For unknown reasons, the number of patients diagnosed with cancer increases rapidly, and experts believe that by 2025 it will increase by 140 percent. The problem about this type of cancer is that its symptoms are common, everyday problems like gastric acid or difficulty in swallowing.

Following the example of an American patient, Jau Rensberg, doctors warn that ignoring problems like gastric acid could result in fatal consequences.


Jau struggled with gastric acid for a long time until his wife forced him to consult a doctor. Heavy medications only made his condition worse, so he was recommended to do an endoscopy, a nonsurgical examination of the stomach and the whole digestive tract.

Jau was diagnosed with stomach cancer and he had a surgery.

Rensberg was lucky to have his cancer diagnosed on time. Unfortunately, stomach cancer is not always diagnosed in its early stage, due to the symptoms like gastric acid or difficulty in swallowing, which is why only 20% of the patients survive.

The number of men diagnosed with stomach cancer is 4 times greater than the number of women.

Michael Sprang, a gastroenterology professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, says that there is no need for panic if gastric acid is your only problem. Introduce some dietary changes and avoid spicy food, coffee and alcohol.

If the medications do not improve your condition, you should better do an endoscopy.