This Tiny Face Challenge Is The Perfect Quarantine Makeup

We are all struggling to find some amusing time-killing activity during the quarantine days, and people have gone pretty creative, we must admit.

During the coronavirus pandemic, beauty bloggers and make-up junkies have practiced their skills in numerous challenges, such as #PasstheBrushChallenge #QuarantinePillowChallenge and #MetGalaChallenge.

When the popular YouTuber and makeup artist Jaime French decided to create the perfect quarantine makeup tutorial, she pleased all those out there that simply detest wearing the face mask.

She took up the quarantine challenge after she was recently reminded of it by a girl doing it on TikTok. In the 8-minute video, she explained the entire process step by step, and her transformation went viral.

The Tiny Face Make-up Challenge gives a perfect optical illusion of wearing a mask, and many YouTubers have accepted it. With the help of makeup, the face is transformed into a baby cartoon face.

The eyes are accentuated with different colored eyeliners or eye shadow, and a pair of tiny lips and nose are drawn onto the upper lip area or nose.

Jaime French is known for her hilarious beauty videos

She took up a quarantine-appropriate challenge and painted a tiny face on her nose

She drew a nose on her nose

She contoured the forehead to make the face look smaller

The drew tiny lips on the base of her nose

She even managed to create a cute, tiny Cupid’s bow

She painted the lips with a bright lipstick

And she then completed the entire makeup look

The final result is impressive!

It looks the most realistic when she is wearing a scarf covering her actual lips

Do you like his quarantine makeup?

French always finds a way to amuse her fans, like this time when she recreated Carole Baskin’s look