This Stepmom’s Viral Photo Captures How Beautiful Co-Parenting Can Be

Co-parenting can be highly challenging, especially when new spouses come into the picture as stepparents.  Yet, since the happiness and wellbeing of the child are of utmost importance, couples should always find a way to make things easy and simple.

The Players and Cazeaus are a great example of this, as these two families are in good terms with one another while sharing custody of the child for three years.

The parents of the four-year-old Maelyn Player never miss her soccer games.

Her mom and stepdad, Clara and Alex Cazeau, and her dad and stepmom, Ricky and Emilee Player, she was captured in the most beautiful family soccer game photo that stands as a proof of the fact that co-parenting CAN work. Her stepmom Emilee shared it on Facebook, so the photo has received over 35,000 reactions and 88,000 shares since April 2017.

Clara’s friend customized blue soccer shirts for the parents, each one bearing the corresponding title at the back and Maelyn’s Jersey number, 37. On the inspiring photo, the parents kneel behind the field and flank her on both sides.

Since Maelyn’s stepdad is in the Army and stationed in Fort Bragg, he attends the games every time he is at home, and the other three of them go on all the games, sit together, and cheer her on as a family.

Yet, the family is not united for the games only, but they do everything together.

They do all birthdays together for Maelyn, they do holidays together, visit each other, and often have dinners together. Emilee explained that Clara was there for her all through her labor with the second child in the family, Everlee.

Clara advises others in such a situation to bury the past and release all the negative feelings, for the sake of the child.

Yet, Emilee admitted that a lot of random people are not happy at their perfect relationship, and claim that they are confusing their daughter. She claims that they are just being normal, while there is too much hate in the world these days. She adds that Clara has accepted her as the other mom and a true friend, so they have become best friends.

Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can't work! I KNOW through experience it CAN WORK! Choose to do what's best for your child and everything will just fall into place ❤

Posted by Emilee Player on Saturday, April 15, 2017

Co-parenting is a great way for both parents to play an active role in the daily life of the children, so all their needs can be met. Also, in this way, children remain equally close to both parents, and their separation does not have a strong impact on their development.

Researchers have found that the quality of the relationship between co-parents can drastically influence the mental and emotional well-being of children, and impacts the incidence of anxiety and depression.

Yet, to be successful, adults should put aside relationship issues, especially after an acrimonious split.

The key is to separate the personal relationship from the co-parenting relationship. Parents should see this new situation as a completely new relationship, whose goal is the wellbeing of the children and has nothing to do with their previous marriage.

The best interest of the children is the most important priority of every parent, so responsible and mature adults can successfully function as co-parents.