This Single Dad Adopted A Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By 20 Families

Adopting a baby is a virtuous act.   Yet, not many would decide to raise a child with Down syndrome, mainly because it is a huge commitment.

Luca Trapanese, a 41-year-old man from Naples, Italy, was not afraid of the challenge. He adopted his daughter Alba in 2017 when she was less than a month old. The single dad fought many stereotypes to create a loving family for this child.

Namely, he is gay, and Italian social services don’t usually grant custody to single, homosexual men. Therefore, he was told that his only option was to adopt a kid with health or behavioral problems.

But this didn’t change his mind! When he was finally given this condition, he was in 7th heaven!

Luca adopted baby girl Alba in 2017

Alba’s mother gave her up for adoption as the girl has Down syndrome. Due to it, 20 families rejected the newborn, but when she was only 13 days old, Luca turned up and changed her life!

Luca has been working and volunteering for organizations focused on children with special needs since he was 14. Moreover, he dreamed of becoming a father, but being single was his other obstacle.

Alba has Down syndrome 

Twenty families refused to adopt her due to her condition 

Yet, Luca was determined to become a father

Since he was 14, he had worked in care centers for people with special needs

In the application form, he explained that he would be happy to adopt a child regardless of their health conditions. He explained that he felt like he “I had the right knowledge and experience to do it.”

When the tribunal called him in June 2017 to inform him about the girl, he immediately said yes, and rushed to the hospital!

 “When I first held her in my arms, I was overcome with joy. I felt she was my daughter straight away.

It was the first time I held a newborn baby. Before that moment, I had always been scared. But, when I first held Alba, I knew I was ready to be her dad.”

He was looking forward to raising Alba 

He felt he had the right knowledge and experience to adopt her

His volunteer work helped him develop the needed skills to raise a child with special needs

“When I first held her in my arms, I was overcome with joy. I felt she was my daughter straight away”

Nowadays, Alba is his entire world. He claims that she “revolutionized his life and everything revolves around her.”

He said:

“ She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I am proud to be her dad. I wanted her to be my daughter.”

Their story, which he claims “destroys many stereotypes about fatherhood, religion and family” went viral after the release of a book.

Luca explains that his daughter has a strong personality and loves being around people.

He says:

“I will spend the rest of my life with a girl I love, and we will do many wonderful things together.”

“I am proud to be her dad”