This Sheep Cafe In Korea Shares Viral Photos Of A Sheep Getting Washed

Animal lovers find it hard whenever they need to spend time without their loving pets, and this triggered the opening of numerous pet-friendly places around the world.

But wait..the world does not revolve around dogs and cats (only)!

Have you ever thought of sheep and the possibility to enjoy their company too? If you haven’t, people in Korea have, and they opened a place that combines our love for sheep and coffee!

When the idea of animal cafes started to spread in 2011, Thank Nature Café was opened in Hongdae, Seoul, and people loved it!

Recently, photos of a lamb from the café getting bathed went viral

If you have seen photos of an incredibly cute lamb getting a bath recently on social media, you have already met one of this café’s lambs!

They went viral as netizens fell in love with the adorable beige curly lamb that turned to a fluffy snowball after the fresh wash and blowdry.

The photos reveal a cute little beige lamb getting groomed

After the bath, the lamb turns into a white, fluffy snowball 

It turned out that it is one of the lambs that live in the Thanks Nature Cafe

Visitors of the amazing place can order coffee, juice, tea, ade or frozen concoctions, as well as waffles and bingsu, at very reasonable prices.

The café has two sections, one in which people can have their drink or dessert, and the other is a place where they can meet and pet adorable lambs.

The shop’s owner, Lee Kwang-ho, explained that the place gained the most popularity in 2015, as it was the Zodiac Year of the Sheep. Whenever tourists or locals wanted to spend some time with sheep, it was easier for them to visit this place than go to a sheep ranch.

He added that his “sheep restaurant” became popular all around the world:

 “I don’t know how this place was known to the world, but I had visitors from all over the world coming to see my sheep, from Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, even some countries I don’t know well.”

There are two lambs now, named William and Bentley

The animal café gained the most popularity in 2015 when it was the year of the sheep

There is a specially designed area in the café where visitors can enjoy their time with sheep 

The café now has two lambs, William and Bentley, and one visitor explained that they look happy and well-fed, and receive lots of attention all the time.

Smart Travel website listed the Thanks Nature Café  among “the 9 cutest animal cafes in the world”.

Sheep are incredibly cute! 

They seem to enjoy all the love they receive 

So, when in Seoul, make sure you visit this amazing place! 

Thanks Nature Café is known as one of the most quirky animal cafes in Korea.

One Chinese visitor wrote on TripAdvisor:

 “We had a great time here! Tom and Jerry (sheep) were so fluffy and soft. The food at the cafe was super yummy. You can tell the sheep are well looked after and happy. The owner was very kind and gentle with the sheep and he was very pleasant with us as well. If you have children I would definitely visit this cafe! Even if you don’t have children the sheep are cute and the food yummy.”

Another commented that once you visit it, “you can get your coffee fix, a bite to eat, and hang out with Lulu and Lala -- the resident sheep.”

Oh, don’t forget to add this amazing place to your must-see list!