This Rocking Chair Has An Attached Bassinet Because Designers Are Geniuses

We all love to buy an attractive and comfortable piece of furniture every once in a while, as it can transform the place and provide a new experience.  This rocking chair with an attached bassinet puts a new spin on ordinary everyday objects.

One can use this genius-level furniture piece in a unique way, and parents can use it to rock the baby in a hands-free way while cozying up on a couch, reading a good book. 

The Emerson Nursery Rocker is a rocking chair and bassinet combo from Karla Dubois and features a rocker armchair and bassinet which are neatly attached. Its goal is to help parents rock their babies into a calmly and sleepy state, while they can enjoy their time on the couch.  They will remain close to their babies, but at the same time, they will be able to perform other tasks. 

This rockery chair is made from 100% linen and extra soft, breathable mesh bassinet inserts that maintains the baby at the ideal temperature. The bassinet can be detached so the chair can be easily converted into a single-wide rocker. Parents can go on using it long after the baby outgrows the bassinet, by attaching its rocking leg to the chair. 

Newborns should get between 14 to 17 hours of sleep over 24 hours, and some of them sleep up to 18 or 19 daily, waking up every few hours to eat and fall back to sleep again. However, when it turns a few weeks, the following tips will help you teach it the difference between night and day and establish healthy sleep habits:

-Use light strategically

Sunlight keeps the baby active, while darkness triggers their brain to release melatonin, a key sleep hormone. Therefore, keep the days bright and the nights dark, so the baby will know when it is the time to sleep.

-Don’t look your baby directly in the eye

Babies are easily stimulated, so if you look directly into its eyes, it might think it is playtime.  Therefore, avoid eye contact and it will fall asleep more easily.

-- Rock your baby until they are drowsy

Kim West, a sleep consultant and author of The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight says that the baby needs to learn to drift off on its own and soothe itself to sleep. Therefore, you should put it down to sleep while drowsy but awake, and it will self-soothe and fall asleep.

Moreover, your baby will have trouble sleeping when overtired, so naps during the day will help it sleep better at night. Remember that keeping the baby awake during the day won’t make it sleep better at night.

Also, you should keep all the soft items like stuffed animals, toys, and pillows out of the crib.

Put your baby in bed to sleep on its back, on a firm, flat surface.

Many parents prefer pacifiers, as they comfort the baby and help the baby to settle.

Remember to keep the lights dim in the bedroom, and avoid stimulating it while feeding it or changing its diapers.

You should also wait a few minutes before you go to settle the baby when it stirs during the night.

It is inevitable for your baby to have sleep problems, but you should start stimulating good sleep habits from an early age. From a few months of age, the baby can learn to sleep, but it is never too late to make positive changes.