This Robot Planter Follows The Sunlight & Throws Tantrums If You Don’t Water It

Houseplants have been decorating interiors since the early Greeks and Romans started bringing their plants in from the outdoors.

Yet, as they are incredibly beneficial, as should all consider them a necessity rather than an object of décor.

Good health never goes out of style, and houseplants deter illness, assist in breathing, boost healing, cleanse the air, enhance memory, improve mood, treat sleep issues, and much more.

Yet, our busy and hectic lifestyles leave a little time for us to fully dedicate to our home, so we often forget to care properly for our indoor plants. Well, now, things are getting much easier, with this amazing robot planter!

The HEXA Plant was created by Vincross’s founder Sun Tianqi after he saw a dead sunflower at a flower expo. He knew it could have been saved if it were just moved into the sun.

In a blog post, he explained:

The original idea of the project came from a dead sunflower. In 2014, I went to see a sunflower exhibition and found myself focused on a dead sunflower near a ground of blooms. The dead flower sat in a place that was always in a shadow.

I had no idea how it ended up there or why it died – whether it was because of the lack of sunshine or water – but it was just there, and it was dead. I thought if it could move a little bit, take a 30-feet walk out of the shadow to where the other sunflowers were, it would have lived healthily. But it didn’t.

Therefore, he created a robot planter that will move plants according to wherever the sun is in the home.

He added:

“Plants are passive. Eternally, inexplicably passive. No matter if they are being cut, bitten, burned or pulled from the earth, or when they lack sunshine, water, or are too hot or cold, they will hold still and take whatever is happening to them.

They have the fewest degrees of freedom among all the creatures in nature. This is simply the default setting that nature gives to plants.”

This amazing device will keep you replants alive by finding the sun, as well as the shade when they need to cool down. The HEXA Plant will also spin so every leaf of the plant can soak in the rays.

It will also throw a temper tantrum by stomping around when your plants need watering.

Your gardening assistant can also interact with you, bad if you touch its base, it can spin around and even do a happy dance in the sunny spots of your home.

The robot has a variety of “eyes,” including an infrared sensor, a distance sensor, and a 720p camera with night vision. Moreover, it has a built-in WiFi as well as various ports (USB) to expand its many talents.

Currently, it is only a user case, meaning it’s not available for purchase, but it’s being used to show everything another HEXA robot can do.

For those interested in robotics, as the original HEXA can walk around the home, crawl up surfaces and use a camera with night vision to conquer multiple terrains, they can use it to code new actions and reactions to commands.