This Rare Rose Has Both Red And White Petals And It’ll Light Up Your Garden

The world is the home of millions of different flowers, all of them being a feast for the eyes, offering a unique scent and a characteristic color. Yet, roses seem to be on the pedestal forever and ever.

It seems that no other flower’s scent can compare to the smoothness and softness of roses, or the heavenly scent of a damask rose and the exotic one of a tea rose.

Roses spread positivity and love, and are symbols of elegance and beauty.They are traditional and timeless, and are the perfect choice for special occasions.

Roses can be of 150 species, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, symbolizing different emotions: joy, love, romance, admiration, innocence, passion, pride, purity, guilt, sadness, mourning, humility, and friendship.

Combinations are also common. Horticulturists have been cross-breeding roses to make some fascinating hybrids, and one of them has red and white petals- the extraordinary Osiria rose.

This magnificent tea rose was created in 1978 by Kordes Roses, a German rose production and distribution company, and was introduced into commerce in France by Willemse France as Osiria.

It is stated that it is a combination of a rose bush named Snowfire and an unknown to the general public seedling, as hybridizers don’t reveal the second parent, to protect their introduction.

These velvety roses are also known by the names Korsir rose and red blend Hybrid Tea rose. Floral photographers have only recently captured its rare beauty and their viral photos have contributed to its growing popularity.

Yet, the look of these roses in their pictures is often far different from the real one. The real Osiria blooms normally have white inner petals cross-hatched or jagged with red(scarlet or candy apple) pigment.

They are always stunning, but some photos of them might have been enhanced, and they show flawless roses, with velvety deep cherry or garnet red outer pearls, perfectly stuffed on the inside, and the clean white petals tipped with red.

Floral photographer Stan V. Griep of the American Rose Society explains:

“Osiria is not a scam; she does exist but the blooms she produces will typically be different than those shown on the internet which makes the heartbeat a bit faster.”  

Griep adds that this rose was named after a theoretical empire, Osiria:

 “I doubt that you will find Osiria on any map or any Biblical or historical mention of her as, again, like Atlantis, she was a theoretical empire. Just as some of the enhanced photos of her, the lore behind the name is enticing.”

Apart from the incredible appearance, these roses have an intense and pleasant fragrance as well.

They are not easy to grow in a garden, but if you love to experiment and have highly developed gardening skills, you can of course give it a try.

You can also try other varieties with dual white and red coloration, like the Nostalgie rose and Gemini rose.

With these roses, your garden will become a magical place!


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