This Powder Is Causing Cancer in 10,000 Women

Baby powder is commonly used in almost every household, regardless of whether there is a baby in the house or not. Most women claim that talc-based baby powder softens and rejuvenates their skin.

If you are one of these, you better stop using baby powder.


Why should you do so?

Let’s take Johnson’s baby powder for example. It has shown to increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer by 30%.

Dr Daniel Cramer, an epidemiologist, says that about 10,000 women suffer from ovarian cancer as a direct result from using baby powder regularly.

The shocking fact

Studies conducted by 1982 have shown a strong connection between baby powder and ovarian cancer. The results have shown that women who prefer using talc powder are 300 times more likely to develop cancer.

This research forced the corporation to reveal the shocking facts associated with their product.

Read the labels

If you have some baby powder at home, read the label and dump it in the trash can.

Johnson&Johnson warn people to avoid any contact with their eyes and inhalation, but there is nothing about the fact that the ingredients remain on the skin for years and reach the ovaries.

Talc also causes inflammation and creates a perfect environment for cancer cells.

The corporation’s respresentatives admitted that they are aware of the dangers caused by baby powder as found in the study conducted in 1982. They also decided not to warn their costumers of the possible side effects of their baby powder products.

… and that is not all

The only thing that is worse than using baby powder is applying it on your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics adviced parents not to use baby powder with talc. The mineral becomes airborne and infants can inhale it.

This dries up their mucous membranes and affects breathing, and babies often wheeze. The use of baby powder can also cause pneumonia, but this is another warning that is not added on the warning label.

Why do the facts remain hidden?

It is all about the money. Would you buy a product that could possibly cauce cancer? Most certainly not.

Many lawsuits force the company to change the warning label. A giant “May cause cancer” sticker on the side is a great idea, right? But, that would mean that the company should pull all products from the shelves.

Safe alternatives

Petroleum jelly is the best substitute for babies. It heals baby bottom. Adults can use cornstarch-based baby powder to soften their skin.


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