This Photoshoot Celebrates The Boundary-Shattering Love Of This Hindu-Muslim Couple

Love is life’s driving force, the power that conquers all. Unfortunately, even today, society is full of stigmas and stereotypes, so it is not always easy to follow your heart.

Yet, love gives the needed strength to fight against the entire world, if needed, and transcend all barriers, just to love and be loved.

When Anjali Chakra, a Hindu girl from India, and Sundas Malik, a girl raised in a conservative Sunni household in Pakistan, fell in love, nothing else mattered. After the same-sex couple married last year, their story went viral.

Malik said:

“When Anjali and I went viral, our relationship was politicized beyond our imagination. The Hindu-Muslim, Pakistani-Indian dynamic of our relationship was brought up in most conversations about us. Although the overwhelming response was great, we never really thought the bond we share with each other would be a ‘mending’ barrier between two religions and cultures always in conflict.”

This year, their anniversary photoshoot by Sarowar Ahmed has gained the attention of netizens once more.

They posed in traditional clothing, a lehenga, and a saree, and with traditional jewelry, in Manhattan, under an umbrella in the rain, and kissed under the Bryant Park Ferris Wheel.

Their sexual orientation and the fact that come from such religious backgrounds caused numerous problems in the past. Nowadays, they are grateful for being accepted and loved by so many people.

Malik explained that their same-sex relationship offers hope to those who are not as fortunate as them:

 “I grew up witnessing and watching different kinds of love, some in my family and some in Bollywood. After I got a little older and realized what my sexuality was, I never saw representation of people who looked like me. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to be that with the love of my life.”

They are so happy together, and eager to learn about each other’s cultures and traditions.

Chakra shared one of the images of the photo shoot on her Instagram profile, with the caption:

 “We went to two weddings in two cities in three days & a summer storm wasn’t about to be the thing that stopped us.”

Apart from sharing their joy, the couple has another goal, to start “conversations that are a step towards a safer future.”

Here are some of the pictures from their photo shoot, and people online absolutely love them:


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A New York Love Story.

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