This One Plant Kills Cancer, Stops Diabetes and More!

Have you ever heard of Goya? It is actually a bitter melon that sometimes is referred to as karela, balsam pear or bitter gourd. In some countries it has been long used for its health benefits. Goya is a quite healthy melon, but it is not people’s favorite, because of its extremely bitter taste. This melon resembles a bumpy cucumber. It grows well in humid and hot climates, mostly in South America and Asia.
Dr Frank Shallenberger M.D. specializes in Anti Aging Treatment and Alternative Medicine at the Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti Aging Medicine.
He has found a way to use this fruit and help patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Dr Shallenberger says that bitter melon inhibits cancer cell growth effectively, and he always advises his patients to trust nature and use natural substances that have the power to inhibit cancer cell growth.
According to his latest findings, a 5% solution of bitter melon juice can fight pancreatic cancer. Bitter melon destroys cancer cell lines by 90 and 98% percent. The effect of this fruit was further tested at the University of Colorado, and the results showed a reduction of 64% in the size of pancreatic tumors.
This research only confirms the benefits provided by bitter melon. It is also used in the treatment of hypertension, asthma, skin infections, diabetes symptoms and stomach problems. It is a common traditional medicine in Africa, India, China and the Southeastern US.
Bitter melons are high in nutrients and low in calories. They are abundant in magnesium, manganese, fiber, vitamins B1, B2, and B3, C, folate, zinc, and phosphorus. This fruit contains twice more beta-carotene than broccoli, it is high in iron, contains twice as much potassium as bananas, and twice as much calcium as spinach. Although it is extremely rich in nutrients, its bitter taste is the reason why people “forget” about this fruit.
Health benefits

  • Consume bitter melon juice regularly to boost stamina and energy level
  • It is an amazing source of folate. In pregnant women, folate reduces the occurrence of neural tube defect in newborn babies.
  • Bitter melon is rich in polypeptide-P, a phytonutrient and plant insulin that decreases blood sugar. Bitter melon also contains a unique phyto-constituent that has charantin, which is known to increase glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake in muscle, liver, and adipose tissues. This duo lowers blood sugar, which is essential for patients with type-2 diabetes.
  • Goya juice increases the resistance of your body against infections and it improves immunity.
  • Its high beta-carotene content and other benefits make bitter melon one of the healthiest fruits out there when it comes to improving eyesight and relieving vision problems.
  • Bitter melon speeds up the metabolism of alcohol, which means it can relieve hangovers. It also repairs, cleanses and nourishes liver, which is beneficial for those who have a damaged liver due to alcohol consumption.
  • Bitter gourd stimulates food peristalsis and eases digestion until the food is finally excreted through the bowel and out of the body.
  • It relieves gout pain and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Drink bitter melon juice regularly to relieve psoriasis and fungal infections, such as Athlete’s feet and ringworm.

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