This Mom Freezes Lemons And Then … Amazing!

Undoubtedly, when one thinks of a frozen fruit, lemon is probably one of the last that will come on his mind. However, a mom who freezes lemons has discovered the amazing health benefits when she freezes them on a regular basis.

Citrus fruits, and especially lemons, are rich in numerous natural compounds which are beneficial for health. These components are called limonoids, and research indicates that they help block the growth of breast cancer cells. This is an important discovery in the struggle against cancer, for it emphasizes the potent properties of citrus fruits.


Moreover, this also serves as a supporting evidence of other studies conducted previously, which promote that fruit consumption can often lower the risk of breast cancer. Lemons are extremely popular fruits, since numerous people consume them since they are aware of their numerous health benefits and its delicious taste.

How to freeze lemons?

It is recommended that you use organic lemons. First, you should wash them, and then place them in the freezer. As soon as they freeze and become hard, try to shred the whole lemons while leaving the peeling on. You can use it to sprinkle in the same manner as you use salt and pepper, on noodles, soups, oats, desserts, spaghetti, or any other foods you prefer. Even though you may have some doubts, in fact, it is extremely delicious.

The reasons to do this are numerous. A lemon is probably one of the strongest natural medications on the planet. Unfortunately, we usually toss lemon peels, but they are actually packed with at least 5-10 times more vitamins than actual lemon juice. The peel and the rest of the lemon help to eliminate toxins from the body. It also can help ward off cancer and destroy malignant cells in the body.

Lemons help the circulatory system, help battle anxiety and mood disorders, and can even help energize the body. Lemons are a great food that acts against parasites and bacteria in the body due to its anti-microbial impacts.

Another very important fact is that it has been reported to be 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy. Namely, after the 1970s, there were at least 20 research studies which focused on the use of lemons and how it affected the malicious cells in 12 different diseases, including issues of the prostate, lungs, pancreas, colon, and breast.

It was found that lemon tree was at least 10,000 times more successful than a medication called Adriamycin, which has been a part of chemotherapy and helps moderate the constant development of these cells.

While people should not necessarily forego chemotherapy in hopes that lemon will cure cancer, lemons can at least have positive impacts because it tastes pretty good, is refreshing, and doesn’t have the same adverse effects chemotherapy does.

Some people truly believe consumption of lemons really can eliminate tumors completely. What has been proved is that the straight lemon extract can destroy cells that are malignant and cancerous but does not even touch other solid cells.

However, this fact has been long hidden by medical professionals who offer chemotherapy, since they cannot benefit from lemons, which might just be more effective in eliminating tumors and sores.

To conclude, in order to preserve your health and fight various health issues, you should take an organic lemon, cleanse it safely and freeze it. Then, after you grate it, you can sprinkle it on all kinds of foods you consume.