This Math Problem Is Making Everyone Question Their Education

Math can be fun if you remember some basic rules.

Math is not everyone’s cup of tea, you must agree. Yet, I believe it can be much more fun than most of us think, if we understand its simplicity.

Math is a combination of operations, and if you learn how to play right with the numbers, you will actually find it very amusing and challenging. Math can teach you new ways to understand the world.

Therefore, we share one simple math problem with you today- and if you remember some basic math rules from school, you will solve it easily. Yet, it might look very problematic and difficult for many, so we will help you.

Take a look at the image below, to recall the basic principles of PEMDAS:

Here is what to do:

  1. Do what’s in the parentheses first, if any. (in this situation, there are none).
  2. Do the exponents (again, there are none).
  3. Do any multiplication or division, whichever comes first from left to right (-25 x 0 =0).
  4. Next, do 50+50-0+2+2.
  5. Do the addition and subtraction from left to right, 50+50 = 100.
  6. Next, 100-0+2+2.
  7. The answer is 104.

You might find the following acronym easy to remember:

Now, let us try solving the math puzzle 7(7-2×3) =?:

  • Solve the multiplication in the brackets first: 7 (7- 6)
  • Next, do the equation within the brackets: 7 (1)
  • In the end, solve the multiplication: 7 x 1 = 7


Math can be fun, indeed!