John Unger and his dog Schoep

This Man Became A Internet Sensation For Floating His Sick Dog To Sleep

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and the story of John Unger and Schoep will melt your heart and make you cry at the same time.

Difficult times call for drastic changes, and this world has turned into a difficult place to live in. but, there’s still hope for mankind and it takes one positive experience to make us happy.

Remember the story of the man who floated in the water, holding his dog close to his body? A photo of the man and his furry friend became viral and it also became the synonym of pure love and compassion.

 John Unger floating his dog Schoep to ease his pain

John Unger had adopted pup Schoep when he was just 8 months old. They had so many adventures together, and Schoep needed all the love in this world as he was abused by his former owner. John created a strong bond with his new pet. He didn’t need too much time to gain his trust.

They helped each other in the most beautiful way. Breakups are bad and John was struggling with depression at the time. Schoep turned out to be the perfect therapist. But when Schoep was 19, he was diagnosed with dysplasia and arthritis.

John really wanted to help his dog feel better so he decided to take some of the pressure off his bones. They floated in water for hours. Unger felt better and John was happy.

 John Unger caring his dog Schoep on his shoulder

One of John’s friends caught their friendship on camera and the world was impressed. People can develop a strong bond with their pets and their love knows no limits.

Dog lovers around the globe offered to donate money to support Schoep’s treatment. The poor put got an extra year of life thanks to kind strangers. John bought all the medication his dog needs.

Sadly, Schoep died at 20. He had a good life and his owner did his best to make him happy.

John got a new pup, named Bear, and this was his way of coping with the pain.