This Kitten Was Born With Two Faces But Grew Up To Be The Most Gorgeous Cat I’ve Ever Seen

Despite being unique, Narnia is an incredibly cute cat.

This cute cat was born with a very rare condition, as her fur is two-toned. These cats are also known as Chimeras. In the case of a feline chimera, the cells have 2 different DNA types, as a result of the fusion of two embryos.

She was born in May 2017 in France, and her breeder, Stéphanie Jimenes, immediately fell in love with him and decided to keep him as a pet. He stood out from her siblings.

Stéphanie said:

‘Narnia has this special marking and blue eyes. That’s why he is absolutely unique in the world. He is a little bit shy when he is in a new place, but a very soft and friendly cat. He doesn’t know he is so special, but I have a very strong link with him, he is my little baby.’

As a result of his rare look and incredibly beauty, the photos of this cat quickly became viral, and he became famous all over the world.

Over time, he became even prettier and is now a strikingly beautiful cat, really worth admiring.