This Kind of Cancer Develops Very Fast, And Many People Think That it is Just Acid Reflux

Research shows that the number of people diagnosed with esophageal cancer is continually increasing and what’s more, this number is expected to be over 140% by 2025.

The major reason for this is that this type of cancer is that its symptoms are often similar to some common conditions as acid reflux and difficulties with swallowing.  Therefore, doctors warn us to be more careful of the potential symptoms of this kind of cancer, in order to avoid fatal consequences.


Unfortunately, the American Jay Rensberger was one of those patients. Namely, he refused to see a doctor although he suffered from acid reflux for a long time until his wife made him go. At first, he tried to solve the issue by using medications, but as his condition got worse, doctors suggested that he did endoscopy.

This procedure is used to examine the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, esophageal cancer appears 4 times more often in men than in women.

The results of the examination showed that he suffered from esophagus cancer which was immediately removed by operation. Luckily, Jay’s life was saved only because he discovered the cancer on time.

However, esophagus cancer is almost never discovered on time, since the symptoms, like acid reflux and difficulties in swallowing, are rarely linked to this disease. Consequently, the death rate in these cases is high and only 20% of people manage to survive.

Yet, you should not panic in case you have problems with acid reflux only, according to Michael Sprang, professor of gastroenterology at the Medical University of Illinois.

Nevertheless, if your issues with acid reflux don’t alleviate after taking medicines, it is advisable that you visit your doctor as soon as possible, in order to schedule for endoscopy.