This Is Why You Are Fat – 5 Reasons Why You’re Piling On The Pounds

Have you ever caught yourself with a handful of cookies while thinking about your relationship? Or maybe you prefer eating a big sandwich in front of the computer while you are trying to solve some financial problems?

Maybe you have small children and a bunch of things to be done, and you often eat the leftovers your kids left on the back seat?

If you recognize yourself in any of these roles, then you have probably noticed that your waist size has increased in the meantime. The stress you have been living with lately is the main reason for the weight gain.

The latest studies have discovered five major reasons for this condition, and a few tips on how to strike back.



Whenever your brain detects a threat, whether it is a snake in the grass or your boss is too nervous, it releases a whole cascade of chemicals including adrenaline and cortisol, so your body is prepared for an attack and it is able to withstand an injury.

In short terms, adrenaline helps you feel full, because the blood goes to the internal organs and muscles, and you are ready to fight or run. As soon as the first effect of adrenaline reduces, the cortisol goes into action, sending signals that some extra energy is required. Our ancestors fought with wild animals and they needed a lot of energy.

But today, people usually sit on the couch and worry how to pay their bills, or often do something that does not require a lot of energy. And there starts the magical circle in which people gain weight.

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