This Is What Traditional Wedding Attires Look Like Around The World

If you take all the bad things aside, you’d admit that the world is a beautiful place to live in. there’s so much love. When it comes to love, when was the last time you attended a wedding ceremony? What did the bride and the groom wear?

There are so many types of wedding attires in the world. There’s something sweet and warm about culture and tradition.

We give you some of the most notable wedding outfits from different cultures in the world.

1. China

2. Indonesia

Details of the wedding depend on the ethnic group of the couple. There are around 300 ethnic groups living on 1700 islands.

3. India

Brides wear red or pink Lehengas and have a red colored mark in the middle of the forehead, called Bindi.

4. Ghana

Wedding attires in Ghana are bright and colorful, depending on the families’ clothing patterns.

5. Nigeria

The bride and her groom wear elegant, matching outfits. They also have a Nigerian head wrap, called Gele.

6. Norway

The bride and the groom wear a traditional Norwegian attire, called Bunad.

7. Scotland

If you go to a traditional Scottish wedding, you’d notice that the groom wears a kilt. The bride wears a shawl with the same pattern. This means that the new family has accepted her.

8. Ethiopia

Couples get married in accordance with Christian traditions. Christianity is the official religion in the country.

9. Pakistan

Brides and grooms get married in accordance with Islamic traditions.

10. Hawaii

Couples wear comfortable outfits, and the bride has a floral tiara on her head.

11. Malaysia

Brides and grooms wear purple, violet or cream attires. The wedding ceremony is organized in accordance with the Muslim traditions.

12. South Korea

Traditional weddings and attires. The groom carries his bride around the table on his back. This is part of the wedding tradition.

13. Sri-Lanka

Couples wear elegant outfits, decorated with tiny details.

14. Romania

Romania is split into several regions, and each area has a distinctive style. Traditional weddings are common in remote areas. Today, young couples prefer modern weddings.

15. Japan

Japanese couples wear red or white outfits. They have two different attires for the wedding ceremony.

16. Philippines

Couples get married in traditional ceremonies.

17. Yemen

Yemenite Jewish wear the same outfits as their mothers.

18. Peru

Brides wear black and red dresses.

19. Italy

Brides wear green attires. Green symbolizes fertility and good luck.

20. Iraq

Brides have seven different outfits in different colors.

21. Kazakhstani Bride

22. Hutsuls Wedding In Ukrainian Carpathians

23. Mongolia

24. Romania (Oas Region)

25. Traditional wedding in Sweden. The bride wears a special crown.

26. Matyo Bride From Hungary

27. Traditional bride from Veliky Novgorod, Russia

28. Hamar woman in traditional dress

29. Korean wedding ceremony

30. Turkmen bride