This is What Microwave Ovens Are Doing to Your Health

Almost everyone in the United States owns at least one microwave oven. They are present in nearly all commercial kitchens, in almost every office or workplace on the planet and other places as well.
You simply can’t get away from the, which is unfortunate, because microwave ovens are doing serious damage to your health. Here are some things that you probably didn’t know about the microwave oven and your well-being.
Nutritional Makeup of Microwaved Food
While the conspiracy theorists would like you to believe that microwaves give you deadly radiation poisoning, that is simply not true. Microwaves may not actually cause harm to you themselves, but what they do to your food isn’t healthy at all.
All of the nutrients that you would normally get from food can be removed by microwaving. Experts call this dead food, because the microwaves are all over the place inside your oven and get absorbed by the food and it causes the makeup of your food to change, most notably removing a great deal of the nutrients.
Microwaves Are Destructive to the B12 Vitamin
If you aren’t aware of the health benefits of B12 vitamins, you might be surprised just how good they are for you. B12 It is the key factor in the smooth working of several different, and very important, systems in the body.
But when you microwave food that contains B12 you remove that vitamin from the food, which means that you’re going to need to get it from somewhere else, because a vitamin B12 deficiency is serious.
Also, there have been studies that have showed that breast milk should never be microwaved because the bacteria that exists within the milk is destroyed by the microwave oven. What that means is that the baby doesn’t get this beneficial bacteria which is vital to good infant health.
Microwaves Create Carcinogens
You know those things that cause cancer? They are called carcinogens and they can get into your food anytime that you heat something up in the microwave that is wrapped in plastic.
Microwavable foods that you get at the grocery store can contain all sorts of toxic chemicals like PET and BPA. When you eat the food you absorb these carcinogens and other substances, which put you at a greater risk for cancer and other health problems.
Microwaves Change Your Blood Makeup
In a study that was done in Switzerland, researchers found that subjects who ate microwaved milk and veggies had changes made to their blood. They had a decreased red blood cell count and white cell counts increased. White cells are those that usually only increase when you have an infection. Also, cholesterol increased in these subjects as well.
What about Microwave Ovens Themselves?
Although there is no evidence that microwave ovens are dangerous enough to be taken out of mainstream use, the radiation frequency produced by microwaves does affect your heart rate, according to researchers. Although they are under federal safety limits, experts recommend that you don’t use a microwave if you have arrhythmia or chest pain.