This Is The International Hand Signal For ‘Help Me’ That Everyone Should Know

An Indian restaurant owner shared one video that immediately went viral. In the video, he shared the internationally famous hand signal for help. Also, he shares the states where this sign can be used.

The incidents for which we can use this sign are domestic abuse or abduction.

Harjinder Singh Kukreja shared the video. There you can see a woman, man, and girl walking down a hallway accompanied by a man, and all of them show the sign for help. There you can see ways how it can be used.

You just have to use one hand, and it is easy to perform. It is pretty simple to show it rather than the American sign that involves two hands.

You can make the sign when you put up four fingers, and then close your palm with your thumb inside.

Last year, the Canadian Women’s Foundation launched this sign, and thanks to them, it went viral. Numerous people who were trapped behind closed doors managed to free themselves.

Police forces worldwide say that after the video publication, they started receiving numerous calls reporting domestic violence.
But, domestic violence isn’t the only crime reported with this sign. Numerous human trafficking organizations exploit children and adults, so they got arrested thanks to this sign.

CEO Elizabeth Barajas-Roman, as well as a member of the Women’s Foundation, spoke for Vogue.

“You have people stuck at home and maybe also someone who is sick with the virus. There are also mounting financial pressures and the general stresses of a pandemic. This all just adds to the escalation, and we really saw a need to start thinking about new tools that abuse victims can use.”

“This symbol is really a way to say, ‘I see you, I’m going to help you. It’s really important that we get this message out not only around the symbol, but we want everyone to understand how they can be of help if they see it.”

Precisely this Canadian Foundation encourages people worldwide to see this video and be informed.

More views mean a higher chance to recognize people in danger! Caring is sharing.

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