This Is How We Used To Unfriend People Back Then

While we were rushing towards the future, we forgot so many irreplaceable and valuable memories and skills.

Social media and the rise of technology have dramatically impacted our lives, and many fear that we would face severe consequences due to our dependency on them, if we have not already.

Nowadays, everything is linked to social media platforms, our jobs, information, entertainment, our friendships, relationships, and all kinds of services.

Not so long ago, things were far different from today. Social media have made it extremely easy to link us to our long-lost friends and lovers, but it is as easy to press the “unfriend” button for a break in communication too.

If you have ended up a toxic relationship, you surely hate when you see a post of your ex on Facebook or Instagram, but there is always a handy button to hide those “unwanted” stories from appearing.

But do you remember how people unfriended people before social media platforms? Our parents and grandparents, and everyone B.I. (before the internet) had other ways of destroying all traces of someone’s presence in their lives.

If you find your old yearbooks, you too might find a few people with devil horns drawn on them, someone’s face torn out on the photo, or someone crossed out of the page.

Yet, the good old way involved a sharpie or a marker for the face of the undesirable person!

Here are 8 vintage photos to remind you of the way people erased those individuals out of their lives:

1. Hmm..the face of this person has been cut out in the shape of a heart. There are two options, either someone used it for a heart-shaped photo frame pendant, or the love story has gone sour.

2. Unfortunately, the friendship of these guys did not last long.


3. If you don’t want to think about her anymore, just cut her face from the photo, and you are done!

4. This one is a true classic! If you find your handbook from your high school days, you might find similar color marking too!

5. Oh, I wonder what was so terrible that led to this person being hidden behind the marker!

6. True friends are hard to find. These two proved to not be such close friends after all.

7. This one is a bit scary, I must admit. Apparently, someone stuck a needle in the face of the person in the photo several times.

8. “Four people and a body.” I believe there is an interesting story related to this family photo.

Do you think this way of cutting off communication is better or funnier?