This Is How To Stop A Headache Instantly With This Magic Drink!

Usually, when I have a headache, I immediately reach for a pill. Perhaps it solves the problem at the moment, but if it happens often, it can only create new problems.

On one side, pills are healing, but on the other, they damage the organism, since they’re composed of various chemicals with strong action.


Headaches can be very uncomfortable and you make you normal functioning harder.

Instead of using different kinds of pills, try to make a natural remedy, which will free you from the headache, and will adversely affect you.


  • 2 lemons
  • Filtered but not bottled water
  • Sea salt


Squeeze the lemon, add as much water as there is juice, and add a little salt and ice if desired.

It may not be your favorite drink, but it can help you, because sea salt contains enough electrolytes and minerals that raise the energy level, remove pain, balancing the levels of serotonin in the body and boosting the immune system.