This Is How To Know If You’re Eating The New GMO Potato

Where Shall The Innate Potatoes Be Served?

Simplot targets the market from multiple points, including both public and restaurants. The increased life of these GMO potatoes will sure bring a great profit. Moreover, they will be sold as a healthier alternative, and due to the fact that they remain fresh for longer, they will also be supplied pre-cut to different restaurants and markets.

Taking into consideration these benefits, most of the restaurants will probably use Simplot’s potatoes. To be more precise, every potato meal in the restaurants will be made from genetically modified potatoes. The same goes for supermarkets.

“This could be a game-changer for the industry!” said Kerwin Bradley, Simplot’s director of commercialization.

McDonald’s will undoubtedly use these potatoes, there is no doubt about that. If you did not know, more than half of McDonald’s potatoes in the US are produced by Simplot, and that has been going on for many decades. So, the low-quality foods at McDonald’s, loaded with harmful ingredients, will also be “enriched” with French fries made from GMO potatoes.

In addition to this, the Food and Water Watch group already sent a petition asking McDonald’s to stop using Innate potatoes. The petition was signed by 100,000 people.

How to Avoid GMO Potatoes?

Wonder how can you avoid these genetically modified potatoes? We will cover three ways you can use to avoid consuming Innate potatoes. In addition to these, stop eating McDonald’s meals and do not order potato-based meals in your favorite restaurant.

  • Always buy products labeled as 100% organic
  • In the US and Canada, the companies are not allowed to label their products if they contain GMOs.
  • Look for “Non-GM” or “GMO-Free” foods
  • When buying potatoes from a healthy food store that offers organic products, always look for a sign that indicates if the product is organic and non-GMO. Many packed foods represent the NON-GMO Project verified seal, but in that case you should look for many other indicators.
  • Read the labels
  • Conventional Fruit Labels: Begin with the number 4, never with the number 9
  • Genetically Modified Fruit Labels: Begin with 8. Be careful, the number begins with 8, not just has 8 in it, and it is often a 5 digit number.

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