This “Golden Honey” Mixture is The Strongest Known Natural Antibiotic

What you need to know

In case you are taking some other  medication and you want to use this medicine,consult your doctor first.


Do this if you suffer from hemophilia and hypertension, because turmeric thins the blood and lowers blood pressure, although for most people  this will be a big plus.

In addition  to lowering blood pressure, turmeric may cause a decrease in blood sugar levels. People who suffer from diabetes must consult their doctor as well.

What is really dangerous?  – don’t  consume turmeric if you suffer from bile disease and you have deposition in it, because turmeric causes muscle contraction in the gallbladder.

Extra Tips:

Indo-Tibetan medicine says: If you use turmeric before meals – it acts on the throat and lungs, if you use it during the meal – it acts on the digestive system, if you use it after a meal – it acts on the colon and kidneys.

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