This Funny Cat Named Zelda Takes Over Twitter With Her Funny Posts (45 New Pics)

In an attempt to make you feel warm and fuzzy for the week to come, we have compiled a list of some of the most interesting tweets featuring the curious Zelda The Cat.

Cats are easy to fall in love with, especially when they make us laugh or make a goofy look on the face.

Yet, this particular cat has become popular not only for its permanently surprised look but for the witty and amusing tweets her owner posts alongside the videos and photos.

Curious Zelda got her name due to her wide-eyed expression, a gentle and unusual puss who has taken the world of social media by storm.

The black and white feline now has hundreds of thousands of followers, partly due to her beloved new owner Matt Taghioff.

He happened upon the curious purrer at the Mayhew animal rescue shelter in London, 2014. He later said that he entered into an “intense staring match” with the misunderstood kitty, but it wasn’t long before the two chose each other for life.

He also admitted that Zelda’s unusual habits and constantly spooked facial expressions were a winner from the beginning.

After he adopted her, he decided to create a social media page for Zelda, as whenever he introduced the cat to anyone, people were amused by her expression.

Matt said:

‘When introducing Zelda to friends, family, and colleagues, they laughed a lot thanks to her amazing facial expressions and unique behavior, trying to guess what she was thinking of. ‘When I met her at the rescue shelter her ad said ‘don’t be put off by my spooked expression’ and I wasn’t.”

‘Her eyes widened as I approached her, but she was so affectionate despite her startled glances. She was the first and only cat I met at the shelter that day.’

The numerous photos he posts on Zelda all come complete with hilarious captions imagining why she looks so shocked.

Matt says:

 “She is interested in everything, finding so much to do in such little space. “

He adds:

“I always wanted to do something creative, although I didn’t realize it would be cat poetry. ”

He has showcased her unexpected antics and now thousands of fans are waiting for new daily posts of the amazing cat.

Yet, Matt said that the biggest challenge is to get clear photos of Zelda, as she moves around a lot.

“My camera roll is 99 percent Zelda and I’m happy about this.”

The owner assumes she is either 8 or 9 years old as the animal shelter wasn’t sure of her age when she was rescued.

“Zelda eats everything – she’s a scavenger and regularly steals stuff from the food bin. We rarely see bugs indoors because she eats them all, and she’s amazing at catching houseflies. 

She frequently stalks us around the house. She knows how to play hide and seek, and can also catch a ping pong ball.”

Zelda’s adventures are followed by over 161K cat-lovers on Twitter, eagerly awaiting the next photo, and she has over 29,600 fans on Facebook and 76,000 on Instagram.

When asked to explain why this cat has so many fans, Zelda’s owner said:

“I guess it’s her resting startled face! She’s very cute and innocent, which suits her existential humor. We enjoyed writing the first book together — I’ll gladly go ahead with a second if Zelda’s not too busy! Whatever happens, I’m really enjoying the experience, and spending a lot of time with my cat!”

There is a Curious Zelda book, called The Adventures of A Curious Cat, and an audiobook as well, so if you fall in love with the beautiful feline too, you can check them out!

The book is being pitched as “the perfect gift for cat lovers or for giving advice to the favorite feline in your life”.

It shares Zelda’s wisdom on how to live life, and she advises dating, politics, cooking, living with human beings, and traveling.

Mushens, Zelda and Taghioff’s agent, adds:

“As someone who is owned by two cats, I’ve always wanted to help usher a feline book into the world – Zelda is hilarious, existential, and insightful, and I’m excited for her to grow her already a sizeable audience of fans.”

We are also waiting for the next book published by this fantastic duo!