This Dutch City Has Transformed Its Bus Stops Into Bee Stops

People in Utrecht, are one step ahead of time, and this Dutch city set up a really good example for all of us. The city added a green roof to 316 bus stops, and the project provides numerous benefits.

The green roofs look really cool, and they are able to capture dust, store rainwater and provide cooling in hot summer days.

This project is one of the many measures the city approved to improve the air quality in Utrecht. Unhealthy environment is the second cause of disease in Netherlands, and the situation is really serious.

The roofs will be maintained by municipal workers who will drive around the city in electric vehicles.

Improved bus service

The city is now using 10 electric buses. This means that 10 diesel buses are out of order. The final goal is to use co2 neutral buses in 2028. Bus drivers are encouraged to adapt to the new environment-friendly driving style. There will be awards for bus drivers who provide a clean, comfortable and safe drive.

Is there any risk of bee stings?

Not at all. Bees are usually attracted by plants, and they will only “visit” the plants on the roof. They won’t even pay attention to people underneath the roof. Bees aren’t aggressive, but some people tend to mistake them for wasps. Learn more about bees, and their important role in the eco system.

The number of bees has declined significantly, and the situation doesn’t look good at all. There’s a risk of losing crops, and let’s just say that you may not get a chance to at your favorite fruit again.

Bees are important for the eco system, and without their help, we will lose a lot of fruits and vegetables. Hopefully, other cities will follow this example and make the world a better place to live in.