Nat Geo Took a Video Of A Penguin Catching His Wife Cheating On Him

Imagine seeing your partner with someone else? It hurts, right? Well, that’s what this penguin husband went through when he came home and found his wife with another penguin. Tough love, huh?

Most Americans say infidelity is unacceptable, and 30-40% of all people cheat on their partner. Infidelity may lead to depression, domestic violence, divorce and homicide. Things are getting our of control these days, and we don’t really understand cheating. Why do people cheat?

Cheaters justify their act and come up with ignorant excuses. Cheating isn’t acceptable, and should never be accepted. Well, it’s not like penguins explain why they do it, and they don’t even have to come up with excuses. Instead of doing so, they attack.

National Geographic made a video of a penguin cheating her partner, and the outcome was bloody.

The 3-minute clip is bizarre and shocking.

The narrator explains that every September, 200,000 penguins fix their nests and breed at that particular spot. However, this unfortunate penguin caught his wife with another male penguin. He attacked the homewrecker.

Birds have hollow bones in their wings to help them fly with ease. However, penguins can’t fly and have solid bones in their wings which is why they use them as baseball bats to club each other. A penguin can deliver up to eight blows per second.

When two male penguins fight, the female penguin has to decide to wins. What did she do? She made a shocking choice…

The video became viral and had half a million shares in less than two days.