This Bird Is Called The Black-Throated Bushtit And Yes, You Read That Right

The world of birds is colorful, vibrant, and cheerful. The delicate patterns, vivid hues, and bold color combination of birds make the animal kingdom even more impressive.

But have you ever heard of the black-throated bushtit? Yup, you read it right. Apart from the funny name, this bird, (Aegithalos concinnus), also known as the black-throated tit, is very attractive.

The very small passerine bird belongs to the family Aegithalidae, and is only about 10.5 centimeters (4 inches) small and 4-9 grams (0.14-0.317 ounces) light.

The adorable critters have fluffy and vibrant-colored plumage, so Taiwanese wildlife photographer Chen Chengguang, who specializes in bird photography, has perfectly captured their beauty.

The birds are very social and travel in large flocks up to 40 birds. They eat insects, fruits, and small seeds, and adore raspberries!

All species have a medium length tail, a black throat, and a black “bandit mask” around the eye, but they can vary in the plumage.

The nominate race has a white belly, dark grey back wings, tail, and back, a chestnut cap, and breast band and flanks. The chest band is same-patterned in others as well, but with grey bellies, caps and flanks.

The black-throated bushtit lives in open broadleaf and pine forests, generally occurring in medium altitudes.

Their habitat ranges from the foothills of the Himalayas, stretching across northern India through north-eastern Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, northern Myanmar, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Isn’t this bird just splendid?